We tell stories about who we are, who we want to be and how we want to feel.

This is the place where you can feel free, comfortable to be messy or elegant, with coffee or wine, high heels or no heels, wild, adventurous, modest, modern – whatever you like.

My Story, My Design

“You are not what happens to you.

You are what you create from it.”

The lights of the place I live in, the city of Paris, have been my scenery for fulfilling my childhood fantasies – to be the woman that changes the world and continuously looks far into the future. Always with a messy hair and in a baggy man’s shirt, with a cup of coffee half full, I consider myself as an eternal repeater, trying to accept myself and all that I am. Coloured with intenseNemotions, ups and downs, trying to fill the gap between the living present and the desired, I have been educating myself and working in a creative industry since 2011.

In terms of formal education, I graduated from the Academy of Arts, Department of Design and Graphics (2011). But even so, throughout life, I lived my artistic side only in moments when I was looking for a way to dive deeper and create more comfortable and beautiful world.

What I have always known is that my wish is to motivate women to accept their darkness and get rid of anything that in any way inhibits and blocks them from realizing their full potential. I feel like a writer aiming to rewrite life stories of a burden, unfortunate events, or maybe wrong choices, only that my pen is my brush, and my words are my illustrations.

I adore everything that needs be felt, interpreted, experienced, lived. I love to illustrate, because right then I have complete freedom to open up.

My design language

Through all the stages of my inner and outer quest, from enrolling various courses that would bring me a great wave of positive energy and upon completion, an equally great feeling that I was missing something again, to the feeling that I was left by myself with no one’s support, I managed to reach an epoch-making discovery. It was in my favourite restaurant, while waiting for the creamiest cake ever. This “Aha!” moment, when I realized something crucial for me, I immediately turned into a note on an ordinary piece of newspaper I found there:

“I am not a lazy bug who is comfortable in the dirty sand and does not want to move forward(because concepts based on the fact that we are comfortable in a known comfort zone and do not want to move forward also create new, unsupportive beliefs for us), but a hypersensitive person who DOESN’T  KNOW HOW to materialize her ideas and therefore is not persistent.”

And this, for me, an epochal moment, was the motive for the creation and development of this #innestorydesign concept. And to stay consistent in that! And through that – to materialize my ideas.

Because that is what we do when we brand ourselves, our business or our clients:

Good design is a language.

So let us speak love with colours and shapes.

With love,




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